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GMT TIME’s Fully Equipped Service Centre

Our service centre is equipped with state of the art cleaning equipment, finest tools and solutions. All work is done at centre, your clock or watch will not leave the premises. We do that better than anyone. Koh genuinely cares about its customers’ needs and believes that Grandfather Clocks are cherished heirlooms, not simply furniture. You do not have to worry about sending your precious clocks or watches here. Quality of repair is GMT TIME’s goal with each clock or watch. We will take care and ensure that repairs on your valuable timepieces are done the right way. You can expect personalized repair services at affordable rates.

Our Services

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Clock Repair

From grandfather clocks to any kind of clock, whether new or antique and also service and repair chiming, cuckoo, 31 and 400 day clocks, ships bell and Atmospheric Atmos clocks as well as electronic or battery clocks from American and Germany and Japan-made clocks.

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Watch Repair

Our watch repair specialist will help you, from the simplest to the watch operations such as shortening the bracelet, replacement batteries to complex repair of mechanical, subsequent adjustment and much more. All work is performed on highly qualified Swiss equipment.

Brand of Clock Repair and Services

  • Artem
  • Bentima
  • Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks
  • Ebori
  • Enrique Lafuente
  • Erwin Sattler
  • Christian Huygens
  • Citizen
  • Diamantini & Domeniconi
  • Eluxa
  • Haid
  • Hermle
  • Horn
  • Hour Lavigne
  • Howard Miller
  • Interclock
  • Gastor
  • Gustar Becker
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre ATMOS
  • Junghans
  • J.Warmink
  • Kieninger
  • Lauris
  • La Valle
  • Le Castel
  • Linden
  • Looping
  • Luxor
  • Mauthe
  • Matthew Norman
  • Moathe
  • Opal
  • Orient
  • Orfac
  • (Relojes) Soher
  • Rhythm
  • Ridgeway
  • Seiko
  • Seth Thomas
  • Schatz
  • Sligh
  • Smiths
  • Tam Tam
  • Urgos
  • Walt Zenith
  • And more...


If you have been looking for an easy way to have your clocks or watches repaired, you have now found the best solution.

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